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Slitter for Film and Foil

This is one of our main models that has been ordered by many of our customers for its high-accurate slitting, applicable from copper, stainless steel, iron, and aluminum to other various alloys, offers universal specifications and excellent overall balance.

tight typetight type

tight typetight type

loop typeloop type


The cutter shaft ensures μm-order accuracy.

Features automatic control for both electricity and hydraulic (pneumatic) pressure.

The tention and drive system are adjustable to the weight and legth of cutting material by the real-time monitoring system.

Selectable loop-less and compact design type which can be installed in a limited space with no pit is necessary.

Hakusan's original slip winding mechanism can absorb a sheet thickness deviation and ensure a good winding.

Hakusan's original dancing mechanism is loaded for scrap processing that would affect quality.

Applicable to special materials, such as plated materials.


Applicable to iron, stainless steel, copper, alloys in general, and plated materials.

Minimum sheet thickness:0.05mm

Maximum sheet width:650mm

Minimum cut sheet width:5mm

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