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Large-size Slitter

Large-size slitter, high-accuracy and space-saving, has been utilizing HAKUSAN's long experience in slitter develpmentant and high production technology. It is available for long products and large materials, and may be orderd as a full system including all available options pre-installed.

Large-size Slitter


The cutter shaft ensures μm-order accuracy.

Features automatic control for both electricity and hydraulic (pneumatic) pressure.

The tention and drive system are adjustable to the weight and legth of cutting material by the real-time monitoring system.

The loop-less and compact design which can be installed in a limited space with no pit is necessary.

Hakusan's original slip winding mechanism can absorb a sheet thickness deviation and ensure a good winding.

Hakusan's original dancing mechanism is loaded for scrap processing that would affect quality.


Loop-less slitter for thin sheets

Minimum sheet thickness:0.1mm

Maximum sheet width:1300mm

Loop slitter for thick sheets

Maximum sheet thickness:6mm

Maximum sheet width:1300mm

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