- HAKUSAN Total Slitter System -


Hakusan is a leading manufacturer of the production facilities, mainly slitting machines and systems, which cut sheeted materials such as industrial films.
We provide machines in accordance with the various requests of customers, e.g., cutting quality, accuracy, materials and thickness.
With new cutting technology our products show excellent slitting performance against thin materials such as copper or aluminum foil and composite material films.
It is our role to propose unique solution for materials difficult to slit with existing technology.


- DATA Loggers and Logging System/Time Synchronization Device and System -


We offer DATAMARK series of measurement instruments, which are small, lightweight and high-precision, intended for research of natural phenomena such as earthquake and volcanic activity, and for disaster prevention. We also offer the real time observation system and devices for time synchronization such as GPS disciplined NTP server.

*Domestic Sales Only

"VissQ" series (Visual Sensor System for Quakes)

- Earthquake Disaster Prevention System -

In case of large earthquake the system provides warnings from the sensors' data, which are installed on the buildings, in association with the public broadcasted earthquake warning information.
Moreover the system provides the damage evaluation information for the buildings or equipment judged from seismic intensity and displacement. The information is highly useful for the quick aftermath action.

*Domestic Sales Only

Jishin the Vuton

- Earthquake Simulator -

jishinn the vuton

Self-propelled earthquake simulator, "Jishin The Vuton", accurately reproduce any form of quakes, e.g., the earthquakes we experienced and the long-period ground motion. The simulator can mimic any type of motions in accordance with the earthquake data recorded in the past.
It enables to have a realistic drill of earthquake experience at anywhere you are.

*Domestic Sales Only

Satellite Communication System

SCADA VSAT system is specially designed for the thin route communication, as for the seismic and meteorological monitor. The power consumption and the required satellite bandwidth are minimized and this highly contributes to realize a small aperture and a solar powered VSAT.

*Domestic Sales Only

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